כתבות What’s the difference between Agile UX and Lean UX?

What’s the difference between Agile UX and Lean UX?

May 16, 2016 אין תגובות

This question still bothers quite number of people. The majority would say that these two principles the same and even more… There are still some people, which truly convinced in the dominance of Agile UX.

Now, I don’t judge anyone. Although, in my opinion the Lean UX is better for entrepreneurship. Let me explain my position in two examples.

Let’s take for example an X-training app and develop it with Lean UX:

  1. The first step would be to create the stick figure, which shows exercises to the users. In this app, you don’t need to read about how to do it correctly – simply listen and watch.
  2. Place the application in the market and get the feedback. During this time, you’re asking some questions. For example, is it easy to use, do you like the buttons or etc.
  3. On these bases (consumer’s feedback), you’re improving the app and adding the setting to manage the time (for example). So, the users can set a time for the training. Perhaps, someone want to exercise 5 minutes, the others 30.
  4. You show it to the public again and get the feedback. You are asking whether it’s comfortable to use and what else do you want to see in it.
  5. For example, you get from the feedback that consumers do not like the stick man. So, the solution would be to change it on the girl/boy/monster (or users could pick someone on their taste).
  6. Let’s say that you get the positive feedback from the last changes and there no any suggestions from the consumers. Thus, you accomplish the app with the nice boy’s/girl’s/monster’s expressions and the application is done.

If to summarize, you get the product that based on the consumers’ needs and preferences. Doubtless, it’s cordially deferent from the Agile UX methodology.

The approaches’ difference lays in the process. Let’s take the X-training app again and see what we get:

  1. You create the app that based on the clients vision, analyze the market, test it, improve it and then get it to the public.
  2. There are several professional teams, which work in the development process. Yes, there are developers, designers, marketers and oftenly it cost a lot to manage these teams.
  3. Occasionally it happens that the app is not very popular, because it based on the client’s vision. So, you need to improve it. Thus, you manage the teams again and search for solution.

From these facts, you may conclude that Agile UX produces a more polished product and Lean UX produces multiple products of increasing polish. It’s the essential difference between the approaches.


Now, what’s make me to advocate the Lean UX? It’s that you get the product, which based on the consumers’ needs. So, what is good for the customers – get’s you more gain. Although, it’s only my opinion, you might have the other.

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