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SideCode is a Web Development & IT Consulting Company, based in Israel, founded in 2013. Our root philosophy is that it’s not enough to develop a product, It’s even more important to maintain it, keep developing it and help it grow.

In our past experience we saw dozens of companies, startups and entrepreneurs building great products but than thinking, “this is it, it’s done, We can launch and forget about it”. Just to realise that this is only the starting point, this is the point that the real hard work begins.

So our goal is to assist clients in understanding this as early as possible, plan for this, and take the necessary steps that will determine the rise and fall of their product. Our goal is to guide clients and focus on the technology so that they can focus on their business goals.

The History of SideCode

SideCode was born out of GRapps Company. GRapps Journey started as a small mobile development company and grew to 2 dev centers in Europe and HQ in Israel. GRapps started focused on development: Android &  iOS native applications, web apps, mobile friendly websites and complete server side solutions.

At some point GRapps evolved to an Offshore company. It happened naturally as clients we have done work for, suddenly had the need to grow fast and build their own dev team. We were more than happy to assist with that. We interviewed & recruited for them the best developers for the job. helped them build a healthy and productive workflow and dev process, assigned project managers for each team and managed the team for them in our own offices.

The connection between SideCode & GRapps allows us to provide full solutions to every stage of your product and your company.

Having Fun

We like to think that we really know how to have some fun

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