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SideCode is a web development company that is working on the web for over 6 years. We have dozens of satisfied clients and full confidence that we can and should develop your next website. We focus on excellent & personal service, high quality work, fair pricing and offering service and maintenance plans so you can focus on your business while we take care of the rest.

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About SideCode

SideCode is a Web Development & IT Consulting Company, founded in 2013. We are an agile driven Website & Web Applications experts with a great love to Lean StartUp methodology. SideCode philosophy is that development is just the first step. It’s not enough to develop your product, it’s even more important to maintain it, help it evolve and grow based on your users needs. A website or a Web App is not a static object, it’s a living thing (that lives in the clouds) that need to be fed and updated, It needs to grow. As a specialised Web development company that does work for start-ups, agencies, and established companies across diverse industries, We made sure our development team is able to cover every possible requirement and produce remarkable results.


Web Apps

We love devloping Web Apps.

SideCode web apps dev team’s wide range skill-set allows us to expertly tailor you with the best product based on your needs. Leaving out all of the fancy words and “Hot Drama” new technology on the block, and focusing on giving you a tailor made solution, with the best  development process we can, to get your dream come true.

We will help you launch the best Web App or Website possible, while delivering you with the best practices in development process. we stay tuned to the industry and follow the best practices used by the best app development companies.

Technologies change, Principles stays the same.

Websites & Ecommerce

We build the web.

This is exactly why we have dedicated teams that eat, live & breathes web technologies. Whether it’s a Responsive website, a custom E-commerce Store, a fully pledged CMS, or even a server side for a mobile application, we have the knowledge to guide you to right choice based on your needs.

We specialize in API integrations, Web Apps, e-commerce solutions, responsive websites using mostly php (Laravel, WordPress, Yii2) as well as front-end technologies as Vue.js & Angular.js). All of the website we build are responsive websites, SEO Friendly websites, accessibility friendly with a lot of thinking and planing for the best UX.

Support Plans

Development is just the first step. We offer our clients support plans to maintain, develop and grow their website or web app. Our plans contains among others: Continues development, Scheduled maintenance, Issues/bug fixes, server management, Traffic analytics analysis and much more. We provide for our clients not only all of his development needs, but more importantly building an ecosystem where every aspect of the product is taken care of. When the development is done, We build for the client the right support plan & support package. So in some way, we become the IT department of that product. Our client service is about holding your hand and guiding you on every step along the way, to get to know you and your product better, understand your needs and meet your goals, but most importantly , We take care of the technology and let you focus on your product.

IT Consulting

SideCode also provides IT & Web Consulting services. We have been doing IT consulting for years now for our internal clients, naturally, as well as assisting outside startups and companies with all aspects of their IT departments, for some, we even acted as temp CTO’s, Helping them Choose the right technologies, guiding them through building their initial infrastructure, Helping them actively recruit new developers, building dev teams from scratch, guiding them towards the best methodologies and much more.

Recent Work

Take a taste of our latest projects. We are proud of bringing this magic to life!

Our Clients

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