This will be a growing list of jQury, maybe even general JavaScript Snippets that I use a lot and always forget.

# Add/Remove a class jQuery

Add a class to a element

Remove class from an element
$( "p" ).removeClass( "myClass yourClass" )

# Find the html <a> Element with href that contain a certain string

Sometimes you need to find in your web page a anchor element with a specific string in it’s href
this is example of find the a tag with href that contains “vc” var and adds a class to it’s
parent element.

jQuery('#menu-vendor-team-categories a[href*=“'+vc+'"]').parent().addClass('active');

Some of the selector stuff you can use, based on your needs:
Selector documentation can be found at:

For Example:
= – find a string that is exactly equal.
!= – find a string that is not equal.
^= – find a string that starts with.
$= – find a string that ends with.
*= – find a string that contains.
~= – find a strings that contain this word.
|= – find a string that starts with a prefix (|= “prefix” matches “prefix-…”).

# Prevent Default

General Javascript snippet.
Stop the normal behavior of this element click event and do what i want.
Can be applied with .on click – so that on click it will prevent default behavior and do as you please

 jQuery( ‘.#myElement' ).click(function( event ) {
    // do as you please here !

# Get Href of element (Guess it’s good for getting more things)

href now contains the href string of this element. (if you got stupid or something):

var href = jQuery(this).attr('href');