# WordPress – Change User Role name

in functions.php :

function change_role_name() {
    global $wp_roles;

    if ( ! isset( $wp_roles ) )
        $wp_roles = new WP_Roles();

    //You can list all currently available roles like this…
    // This is only for you to see whats going on, after checking, remove these 2 lines altogether 
    $roles = $wp_roles->get_names();

    //You can replace "administrator" with any other role "editor", "author", "contributor" or "subscriber"...
    $wp_roles->roles['administrator']['name'] = 'god';
    $wp_roles->role_names['administrator'] = 'god';           
add_action('init', 'change_role_name');

That’s about it, all you need to do to change user role.